The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They? — Second Edition – Revised and Expanded

Who really pays income tax? Why is this problematic? And how do we deal with it?

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Do you wonder just how much extra income tax you're paying, because the rich don't pay their share?

You might be surprised.

In the revised and expanded second edition of the well sourced and documented “The Rich Don’t Pay Tax ...Or Do They?” John Gaver undertakes a critical look at the latest official IRS collections data to determine which income groups really do or don't pay income tax and what portion of the US personal income tax load is paid by each income group. Then, with that information, he goes on to analyze that IRS tax data, in a way designed to allow you to quantify, based on your own standards, just how fair or unfair that outcome may be to the various income groups. Continuing in a step-by-step manner, John uses those findings to show how the silent threat of an unintended consequence of our tax code is quietly, but seriously undermining our economy, to the detriment of everyone - rich or poor.

Of course, why present a problem without a solution?

So, Gaver shows how a thoroughly vetted plan that has already been presented as a solution to other problems, would also solve the problems brought to light in this book, if undertaken soon. Although this book exposes a critical threat to our economy, it's really about implementing a fair and equitable solution that would reverse this threat.

"The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?" contains dozens of URLs to sources of hard data and reliable research. John then lays out, in an easy to follow manner, the important relationships that exist in that data. He also clearly explains the calculation methods that are used, to help bring the discussed IRS data into focus.

Nothing is left to chance. When John cites a statistic, he explains clearly why it's important. It's basic economics, but without the academic jargon and double-speak, that economists often use, to sound impressive and to keep the uninformed masses intimidated and confused, so they won't ask questions. In fact, one reviewer of the original version of this book said, "should be required reading in all Economics classes." Another suggested that in an hour, you would learn more economics than in a semester of economics. Another went as far as to say, "This book took me just under an hour to read, and has completely changed my view on taxes." Most reviewers seem to agree with the reviewer who said, "The author didn't use elaborate high brow language … Points are clear and substantiated well."

In short, it's tax economics for the rest of us. While the silent nature of the very serious issues exposed in this book does tend to keep them out of the public eye, the real threat is in who is aware of these issues and what those people are doing about it.

This book is about what YOU can do about it.

Don't delay. Download your copy now.

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