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Discover a brilliant thriller set in a remote big-cat sanctuary: "one of the scariest and most touching horror tales in years" (James Patterson).

In an isolated stretch of eastern Kentucky, on a hilltop known as Blade Ridge, stands a lighthouse that illuminates nothing but the surrounding woods. For years the lighthouse has been considered no more than an eccentric local landmark -- until its builder is found dead at the top of the light, and his belongings reveal a troubling local history.

For deputy sheriff Kevin Kimble, the lighthouse-keeper's death is disturbing and personal. Years ago, Kimble was shot while on duty. Somehow the death suggests a connection between the lighthouse and the most terrifying moment of his life.

Audrey Clark is in the midst of moving her large-cat sanctuary onto land adjacent to the lighthouse. Sixty-seven tigers, lions, leopards, and one legendary black panther are about to have a new home there. Her husband, the sanctuary's founder, died scouting the new property, and Audrey is determined to see his vision through.

As strange occurrences multiply at the Ridge, the animals grow ever more restless, and Kimble and Audrey try to understand what evil forces are moving through this ancient landscape, just past the divide between dark and light.

The Ridge is a brilliant thriller from international bestseller Michael Koryta, further evidence of why Dean Koontz has said "Michael Koryta's work resonates into deeper strata than does most of what I read" and why Michael Connelly has named him "one of the best of the best."

"The Ridge is a classic ghost story, penned by a master. I couldn't put it down, even though I almost screamed when the wind blew a branch against the tree outside my study. Yes, it's that scary." --Stephen King

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 8
Little, Brown and Company
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Customer Reviews

a disappointed customer... ,

the ridge

This book was an introduction to my new favorite author. I could not put it down until the very satisfying end. I so look forward to his next book.

lambo1382 ,

Full of mystery and twists and turns

I enjoy all of Michael Koryta's books. This book has a lot of mystery and suspense that leaves you guessing to the end. I really like his writing style, it makes the story and dialogues effortless to read. His stories are original which is refreshing and I would not be surprised if we start seeing his books adapted to screenplay soon. I recommend you download this book if you like Dean Koontz or Stephen King you will love this author and this story!

CYM fan ,

The Ridge

Great fiction by an interesting author whose work only gets better as his ability continues to evolve.


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