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Selena and Julie are sisters. As children they were closest companions, but as they grow towards maturity, a rift develops between them.
There are greater rifts, however. Julie goes missing at the age of seventeen. It will be twenty years before Selena sees her again. When Julie reappears, she tells Selena an incredible story about how she has spent time on another planet. Selena has an impossible choice to make: does she dismiss her sister as a damaged person, the victim of delusions, or believe her, and risk her own sanity in the process? Is Julie really who she says she is, and if she isn’t, what does she have to gain by claiming her sister’s identity?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 11
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

jdiskebdkskw ,

Lots of words

The wordiest book of all time. Yet, nothing whatsoever happens. Which is a giant shame, as the author can genuinely write. The ability to tell a great story? At least not here.

ferret_bard ,

Execution Lacking

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As Children, Selena and Julie were close. A rift began developing between them as they entered their teens. Then, Julie disappears when she is seventeen. It will be twenty years before Selena sees her older sister again. When she does reappear, Julie tells Selena an impossible story about living on another planet. Selena is left with a choice. Dismiss her sister’s story as delusions, a way of coping with whatever did happen. Or, she can believe Julie but risk her own sanity.


Nina Allan’s book seems more phycological than science fiction. The concept of being of a person leaving this world and traveling to another is interesting to me. The return and how it’s explained is another exciting element. However, the execution was lacking in The Rift. The author shifts between past and present regularly, making the story feel disjointed and very confusing. Then, we get to Julie’s adventures on the planet Tristane. Nothing really happens there other than Julie talks to the people.

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