The Right Time The Right Time
Book 2 - a perfect for you novel

The Right Time

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From USA Today bestselling author Amanda Siegrist comes a brand new series full of humor, angst, a sassy heroine, and a sexy, sinful hero that will sweep you off your feet.

The plan: Organize an epic birthday party without spilling the massive secret—that has nothing to do with the party.

Time Frame: Two weeks.

Plan a party? Check. 

Try not to think about the man she can’t have? Check. 

Suddenly accept said man’s proposal. Check. 

Wait…what did Mia Carter do? There was no way she could marry Jaxson Brandt. It would never last. Nothing in her life ever does. They weren’t even dating. They couldn’t go from just friends to marriage. She’ll just have to tell him she changed her mind. If only he’d give her a chance to do so. But between planning a birthday party and trying to keep her bestie from finding out they’re getting hitched, she can’t seem to find the right time. He’s making it his mission to show her what love is truly about—something she’d never had before. She’s just not sure it’ll be enough to convince her.

Warning: This is not a full romcom. While it has moments of humor, it also has a twist of angst. Okay, now you can dive in, you’re prepared!

The entire Perfect For You series: (Each book can be read as a standalone.)

The Wrong Brother (Book 1): Dane & Gabriella

The Right Time (Book 2): Jaxson & Mia

The Easy Part (Book 3): Brick & Jezebelle

The Hard Choice (Book 4): Corey & Genevieve

March 2
Amanda Siegrist
Amanda Siegrist

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

“Jaxson would rather have a tiny piece of her in his life than nothing at all.”

When is the right time to do anything? Like fall in love, start a new job or get married? In Amanda Siegrist’s new book “The Right Time,” Jaxson promises to always be there for Mia in hopes that someday she would love him as he loves her. I applaud him for telling her that he was crazy about her even though he wasn’t sure how she would react. He felt relieved when he poured his heart out to her and I admire his honesty, perseverance, and his devotion to Mia. He wanted to be her hero, her protector, her friend and her partner. He never pushed or forced her to open up about her past if it was too painful for her. His marriage proposal came from his heart and he was surprised when she said yes!! Jaxson knew that at any minute Mia could change her answer and retreat back into her mind, where the past had taken up residence. Mia does want to take a chance with Jaxson because he is her soulmate and the man she had always been waiting for. When she accepted his proposal, she felt free for the first time in her life and she could see her dreams becoming a reality. Jaxson makes her feel cherished and loved, like a princess in a fairytale, but she worries that they are moving too fast and not being rational about such a big decision. Will Mia allow the demons of her past to ruin her happiness or is this finally the right time to take a chance on love?

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