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In The Right Wrong Number, a 30-page short story by bestselling author Barbara Delinsky, Carly Kelly has just been presented with a life-changing business opportunity for tiny nursery and flower store, Plant People. But she only has four days to decide, which means she will most likely have to cancel her weekend trip away. She dials her friends to let them know, and excitedly launches into a speech about the opportunity. But when she pauses, a sexy, inquisitive stranger is on the other end, and he's eager to hear about her store, her passions and her life. She's dialed the wrong number--- and the man on the other end, with his deep voice, his charming jokes and his excellent advice, is a surprise she never expected…

Will this wrong number turn out to be right man for Carly? Don't miss this 30-page short story from bestselling author Barbara Delinsky.

Featuring an excerpt from Barbara Delinsky's novel Sweet Salt Air.

April 2
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

SimplyGina ,

4 ⭐s for the story (TRWN), 1 ⭐ for the eBook

Very much enjoyed the short story (about a serendipitous misdial). The story flowed along nicely and included little details - such as on tech and flora - I related to. 😊

The eBook itself, however, I DISLIKED. Other readers would probably appreciate the included preview of "Sweet Salt Air". But when so-called "bonus" material is longer (takes up more space) than the story I downloaded the eBook for, I consider the additional stuff as BLOATWARE.

Cat and Dog woman ,

Sweet Salt Air

Love the excerpt I just read! I will be getting this full book soon.

Fergusowl ,

Interesting and then.,,.,..

Ok so I got this as a freebie, so it's probably not right to expect alot, but I was expecting a whole book... I mean I really liked it and then ..BAM. It's over. As far as reading's fun for about 10 min of reading and then you re done.
2 stars because it started out interesting.

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