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Over twenty years after returning to Earth from the Ringworld, Louis Wu is kidnapped, along with a warrior kzin named Chmeee, by a Pierson's puppeteer, a brilliant 2-headed alien who calls himself the "Hindmost". The puppeteer hopes to regain status with his fellow citizens by traveling to the Ringworld to bring back treasures. Upon reaching the vast and mysterious Ringworld, Louis and his companions find many surprises, including that the Ringworld is unstable. Its billions of inhabitants will die within months if Louis and his companions do not find a way to locate the Control Center of its mysterious builders, the Ringworld engineers, and fix the problem. 

"THE RINGWORLD ENGINEERS has all the inventiveness, convincing detail and narrative vivacity that have come to be associated with the works of Larry Niven." 

- Poul Anderson

"Fans of the original novel will not be disappointed, and newcomers will have no trouble following the plot, in this adventurous exploration of a mind-boggling landscape." 

- Publishers Weekly

"Another fine masterpiece from a master of science fiction...The Ringworld itself is a dazzling notion, carrying the future evolution of technology about as far as possible."

- Jack Williamson, author of THE HUMANOIDS and DARKER THAN YOU THINK

Born April 30, 1938 in Los Angeles, California. Attended California Institute of Technology; flunked out after discovering a book store jammed with used science fiction magazines.  Graduated Washburn University, Kansas, June 1962: BA in Mathematics with a Minor in Psychology, and later received an honorary doctorate in Letters from Washburn. Interests: Science fiction conventions, role playing games, AAAS meetings and other gatherings of people at the cutting edges of science. Comics. Filk singing. Yoga and other approaches to longevity. Moving mankind into space by any means, but particularly by making space endeavors attractive to commercial interests.  Several times we’ve hosted The Citizens Advisory Council for a National Space Policy. I grew up with dogs. I live with a cat, and borrow dogs to hike with. I have passing acquaintance with raccoons and ferrets. Associating with nonhumans has certainly gained me insight into alien intelligences. www.larryniven.net

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 17
Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.
Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Frumius ,

Great book, BUT - tons of typos

Of course Larry Nevin’s Ringworld books are classics and excellent stories, well told. But this e-book addition is riddled with typos. It’s a bummer.

Dwardeng ,

The Adventure Continues!

This is my review for the book. It's a great follow up to the first novel. The interaction between the top three characters is brilliant, and sometimes quite humorous. Don't miss this series.

Ecuasage ,

Poor Sequel

Bought audiobook through iTunes. Had little of the first book’s wonder. The author was already obsessed with mating Louis Wu to every female he came across in the first book and took it to a new level of silliness here. Inventing a culture that requires sex to seal business deals comes across as a contrived and needlessly lurid plot device. After this book, I don't have the desire to read more of the series.

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