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All Anastasia has ever wanted was to start a new life, a normal life, a life without her parents. As soon as Anastasia gets that chance however, she discovers quickly that a normal life was never a possibility for someone like her.

Anastasia has always known that she was different, but she has never understood why. Two mysterious strangers, identical twins, offer answers that she desperately seeks, but can she trust what they tell her? One is evil and a creature of Chaos, the other is Light and a being filled with a Pure soul. Unfortunately for Anastasia, it’s no longer clear which is which.

Chaos had already separated Anastasia from her soul mate, weakening her own purity. With her defenses down, she is a perfect target for Chaos to seep in and take control. Chaos has already corrupted her father, could she be next? Or will her determination to save her true love from the same fate be enough to protect her from corruption?

When Chaos threatens to extinguish Light once and for all, Anastasia will have to decide which side to fight on. The unique abilities that have always made Anastasia different from everyone else are the very same abilities that may save or condemn her.

June 5
AnnMarie Stone
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Customer Reviews

Edna's choice ,

Great book

AnnMarie Stone crafted a beautiful novel about the love of soul mates and the power of the mind to hear, sense, and understand those around us. This isn't your typical story of love lost and found. This story delves far deeper into the psyche and the idea that one perfect soul exists for each of us, and that soul will travel through our lives with us. AnnMarie also painted a picture of a world ruled by good vs evil that is unique and uncharted. I cannot wait for the next book.

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