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Publisher Description

On the River Road, at a dark bend in the South, a shadow lives. And at that bend, a man and his slave are pulled together by a mysterious connection. The master inherits a plantation and plans to marry his love and put aside his past, while the slave lingers at his side, accepting of his place and detached from hope. But neither man has memories that can easily be forgotten. When a death forces both of them onto the road, each races toward his own kind of freedom, which can only be earned in a place where neither one of them leads or follows. All the while, the shadow of the River Road pursues. It stalks them with steel and lead and perhaps the most dangerous weapon of all  — the past.

Fiction & Literature
April 30
Ghost Light Publishing
Benjamin Fulton Boucvalt

Customer Reviews

GLPnola ,

A Dynamic & Emotional Tale

I love books set in the past in the South. It’s not fru fru at all. There's no sitting on plantation porches, drinking sweet tea, which was great to discover. It is very eerie and deals with the tricks and trappings of the mind.

Instead of your typical "life on the plantation" story, it is about two men escaping their past. The terrifying world that keeps them from doing so, the author paints so vividly, like it was being illustrated for me. A picture of the South that I don't often see.

A lovely journey. Hard at times, but full of heart. I definitely recommend it.

jay37_sf ,

Dark, but Good

I liked that this wasn’t just a typical book about slavery. The main character’s battle with his past made the focus different from what I expected it to be. The book is dark, but I liked it a lot.

eBookReviewer ,

Surprising Read

This book really surprised me. I was compelled by the synopsis, but I didn't think that I would take to it as much as I did. Great read! I would definitely read another book by this author.