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Can her family forgive what she can't forgive herself?

Ria Channing ran from a tragedy of her own making six years ago, a pariah in the family and home that were once perfect…until she destroyed them. 

But a deathbed promise to her only friend forces her to return for the sake of the grandson her parents have never met. Homeless, hungry and worn out from fighting for survival, she carries with her no expectation of forgiveness—only heartfelt hope that the house that love built will welcome and care for her child, if not his bad seed mother.

Sculptor Sandor Wolfe owes his career and his future to Ria's mother. There is nothing he wouldn't do to protect Cleo from the thankless daughter who has hurt her so deeply and now threatens the life she has rebuilt from the ashes of the old.

What he doesn't expect, however, is to find a vulnerability and a courage that touch him as Ria tries to make up for all she has cost the family she destroyed.

The battle is one she seems destined to lose, and Sandor finds himself torn between love and loyalty, with the stakes being his friend's broken heart and a valiant, fragile woman's survival. 

(A companion to The House That Love Built, a different perspective of the story seen through Ria's eyes and going beyond)

"Jean Brashear's distinctive storytelling voice instantly draws in the reader. She writes with warmth and emotional truth.” ~ #1 NY Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber

August 27
Jean Brashear Literary Trust
Jean Brashear Literary Trust

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

The Road Back Home

ARC for honest review with no compensation

The Road Back Home is book 5 in the Second Chances series by Jean Brashear and while it can be read as a standalone, reading the prior book House That Love Built will give more in-depth and a better understanding of these too stories.

Ria Channing ran away from home six years ago after the death of her brother which she caused. Now after making a deathbed promise she is returning home with her 4 year old son, worn out from barely surviving life. She doesn’t expect forgiveness for her sins but hopes they will take care of her son...but the home life she left is not what she finds when she returns...

Sandor Wolfe, sculptor owes Cleo (Ria’s mother) his career so he will do whatever it takes to protect her from all the heartache Ria caused her years before. What he doesn’t expect is the vulnerability of Ria and how she wants to repair all the damage she’s done.

What an emotional story...tears, tragedy, pain, heartbreak, redemption and so much more...

W11nner ,

The Road Back Home

This is a wonderfully written story. It is a companion to the book The House that Love Built, but told from the wayward daughter's point of view. It is an emotional story with heartbreak, strength, growth and love. I loved the characters and cried for them and cheered for them.

Ria was a selfish child. But she grew with the help of a friend and having a child and returned home to fulfill a promise. This is a very moving story and you cannot help but feel for this family as they reconnect and rebuild their family. And, then there is Sandor who you can't help but love as he has a big heart and wants to help everyone and is able to connect with Ria.

Mary Rhonda ,

Another Hit

This is a different view of the story “The House That Love Built.” While Ria played an important role in that book it was mostly about Cleo and Malcolm. This story is more about Ria and Sander. While the first story required tissues this one requires so much more. Tears just poured from me reading Rita’s story. Guilt, low self esteem, need for love and forgiveness consumes Ria. The journey to healing this family is an emotional roller coaster that you do not want to miss. Make sure you have plenty of tissues available as Jean takes you into the world of the Channing family.

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