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“This is a wonderful example of historical fiction, and I would love to find more books like it.” – Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review

"Historical novel readers who enjoy romance and political inspection will welcome the complex encounters in The Road to Gesualdo, which concludes with a satisfying twist to bring the story full circle." – D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"It comes recommended specifically to people who enjoy the genre" – Jason Bettus, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

Like so many noble women before her, Leonora d’Este had no say in her marriage arrangements. She did her duty and married Prince Carlo di Gesualdo, a man of wealth and standing, who was useful to her family. It was only after taking her vows that she learned that Carlo had murdered his first wife and her lover in a jealous rage. Leonora understood it was an honor killing permitted by the laws of the land and forgave Carlo. But soon she noticed odd behavior in her husband. Was he slipping into madness? Was he bewitched? Could she help her husband and protect herself at the same time?

This vivid drama of noble life in 16th century Italy plays out through the eyes of Leonora’s faithful lady-in-waiting and friend, Livia, who has her own romantic problems. She is in love with the courtier Pietro, but their case is hopeless. She has no dowry, and he is promised to another. Will Leonora and Livia find happiness on The Road to Gesualdo?

About the author:
Erika Rummel has taught history at the University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo. She divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles and has lived in villages in Argentina, Romania, and Bulgaria. She is the author of more than a dozen books on social history, and six novels. In 2018 she was honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Renaissance Society of America. Her last novel, The Inquisitor’s Niece, was judged best historical novel of the year by the Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association.

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