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A thrilling adventure in a world one step away from total subjugation by machines
After long years of war, the United States has sued for peace, yielding to a brutal coalition of nations ruled by fascist machines. One quarter of the country is under foreign occupation. Manhattan has been annexed by a weird robot monarchy, and in Tennessee, a permanent peace is being delicately negotiated between the battered remnants of the U.S. government and an envoy of implacable machines.
      Canadian businessman Barry Simcoe arrives in occupied Chicago days before his hotel is attacked by a rogue war machine. In the aftermath, he meets a dedicated Russian medic with the occupying army, and 19 Black Winter, a badly damaged robot. Together they stumble on a machine conspiracy to unleash a horrific plague—and learn that the fabled American resistance is not as extinct as everyone believes. Simcoe races against time to prevent the extermination of all life on the continent . . . and uncover a secret that America’s machine conquerors are desperate to keep hidden.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 19
HMH Books
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

Customer Reviews

Peebeedee ,

You must read this

Not since Isaac Asimov have I been so entranced. Where is the next book!

chinabrad ,

Confusing & Sudden

The book has many intermingled concepts and groups to the point where it is confusing. This is confounded with there not being a definitive group responsible for events and some characters.

Ultimately, the ending of the book is sudden without a clear resolution. I certainly do mind ambiguity, but it just seemed there was no finality with some clarity.

There will be lots of AI books coming out. This is just the beginning.