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The first time that Dr. Andy Kumar saw Cadell Glynn—all six feet, four inches of him, tribal tattoos winding around his arms, fingertips deeply callused from years of pressing steel guitar strings, dressed in leather pants and a tee shirt ripped at the neck that let the tattoos on his muscular shoulders peek through, blue-tipped black hair spiraling in curls and swaying near his shoulders, and fear and helplessness filling his dark eyes at the sight of his sick child hooked up to two different IVs and crying—Andy knew that he was going to be trouble.

Mr. Glynn had interrogated Andy and the other surgeons, asking why, and when, and how, and would it hurt Emily too much.

He had calmed down some after that first week. Some.

After a few weeks, when Emily had stabilized, Mr. Glynn had backed off from the third degree, but he had begun to mention that there were other things in life outside the hospital. Restaurants. Dancing. Concerts.

Even though he was the hottest thing Andy had ever seen, she should not date Cadell for so many reasons. So many.

The temptation was just too much.

Andy wished that the hot rock star daddy would quit asking her out.

July 19
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

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LindaG85 ,


Another great story by Blair. So many emotions while reading. At times I would be upset with Andy's family. Sad for the children suffering, and happy for Cadell and Andy to find each other. Great how it showed the band was Cadell's family.

LindaCi ,

Love and Steam

My, oh my, oh my, where to start. This series has me going. Each has delved into acts of redemption, sacrifice, and love, with a lot of steam. I thought Tryp’s and Elfie’s story was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, funny, and loving, but Cadell’s and Andy’s is even more so. Cadell is trying to save his daughter, one he didn’t know he had, but after a hard life on the road, and even though he’s a perfect match, he can’t give his daughter the one thing she needs. Andy is her doctor and over many months of sleepless nights, Cadell and Andy find themselves in a quandary . . . do they forge ahead with their fledgling romance or step back from each other because of hospital and doctor/patient rules. The most wonderful thing about this book is they overcome the adversity (her family and his addiction) to find love as well as taking back or finding their true selves without having to kowtow to someone else’s demands. In the end, they save each other.

shadowplay4u ,

astoundingly breathtaking and magnificently exquisite journey

The Rock Star’s Secret Baby is an astoundingly breathtaking and magnificently exquisite journey that will ever so gently open your heart and allow the purest and truest form of love to reach in and transform every part. This is a love that will change a life just by its mere presence and the surprising peace that it brings. Love not only accepts with open and honest arms, but it also center us and presents a life of simplicity and overwhelming peace. Our hearts cannot live in turmoil and anxiety, so why would be choose to complicate our life and force ourselves to live in such pain? Instead, walk towards a future that will make your soul sing with its promise of unbridled joy and sigh with its temptation of perfect peace.

Andy is living the life that has been carefully designed for her. She knows her place, and she does all she can to stay without her restrictive, allotted boundaries. The desires of her heart are inconsequential and do not matter in comparison to the future that has already been mapped out. No matter how much she yearns for more, she quickly pulls her disobedient heart back into its gilded cage. Cadell has none only chaos and demands his entire life. He knows what he must do, and yet his very soul is screaming out for something so very different. The chains that hold his captive are not as confining as they used to be, but can he figure out how to break them completely before more than his own future goes up in flames? Can Andy follow the pleading cries of her own heart and stop her very soul from dying before she has had a chance to spread her wings, or will she walk away from the only source of living water that her dehydrated soul needs only to please those she seeks approval from?

If I thought that the stories of the other members of the band Killer Valentine were utterly mesmerizing and incredibly powerful, then Babylon definitely saved the best for last with Cadell. She has painted a masterpiece so expansive and yet stunningly detailed that to take it all in at one sitting is nearly impossible. The themes that wave themselves throughout this wonderful journey will seep into your heart until you feel the full weight of them upon your very soul. The truth and the power in the words that cover these pages will pierce every facet of your life until you find the chains that hold you captive. Andy and Cadell are a perfect and beautiful balance to the other. They not only understand the implication of their past, but they see the limitless potential of their future. The only question that remains is if they are willing to step out on faith and take hold of what they desire above all else.

Blair Babylon continues to leave me utterly breatheless and completely captivated by the quite brilliance of her mind and the boundless depths of her heart. Her stories never fail to show me something new about myself, and quietly remind me that I am worth something, We are all broken and flawed in some way and yet it is those pieces that make us who we are. Regardless of what we think, we are never unredeemable or too far gone as long as we can be touched by love and hold onto hope.

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