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As the owner of Rocky Peak’s favorite bar, easygoing Jake Rockwell is everyone’s rock and best friend. But now he needs serious help from the gorgeous and fierce investigator Olivia James—and it’s going to kill him to keep things strictly professional between them.    


It’s been a long, hard-fought battle to go from naïve ex-trophy wife to respected private investigator, but Olivia has done it. She now offers her services only to women in need…but she’s made an exception for a friend. Which might possibly be the biggest mistake of her life, since Jake is as maddening as he is charming…and thoughtful…and insanely hot.


The closer they work together and the more Rockwell family secrets they expose, the harder it is for Olivia and Jake to resist their sizzling connection. But their burning almost-romance is about to go up in flames as they uncover the final revelation that could blow Jake’s world apart—forever.

May 28
Jennifer Bernard
Jennifer A. Bernard

Customer Reviews

123happyreader ,

Perfect endingh

The bad part about reading a really good book.... when it’s over you feel like you are missing someone. I have read the entire Rockwell series and will probably read it again. Must read just be prepared to feel like you know this family and you will miss them when it’s over. Maybe we get a book from Max’s point of view. 😉

KindleKat64 ,

All the stars!!

All the stars! I absolutely loved this last installment of what has been such an amazing and entertaining series. I'm sad to see it end, but what a way to go out! We finally get all the answers we have been waiting for with some shocking revelations and some very intense action. All of this is intertwined with an incredible love story for the last of the single Rockwell's, Jake. I just love Jake, he is the "rock" of the Rockwell family, a volunteer firefighter and he runs his own bar. I have been looking forward to his story. Despite how busy he is, he puts all of that aside and will not stop until he gets to the bottom of the mystery about the death of his Mom and Grace's birth parents so he hires an investigator in LA to help. Olivia James is more than willing to help the sexy, charming and witty, Jake, but despite their attraction and obvious chemistry she has no intentions of anything else happening. She has no plans of ever settling down again after her bad experience, but Jake won't give up on her. He knows they could have something special. They are fun together and very sexy too. I love how their relationship organically blossoms. I truly loved this story which as always makes me feel like I am right there with them in Rocky Peak and is so well written. I also thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the entire Rockwell family again.

MaryW fan ,

Fall in Love with Jake & Olivia

Jennifer Bernard wraps up her Rockwell Legacy series with Jake & Olivia’s story. Bar Owner & volunteer firefighter Jake is the “rock” of the family and a best friend to everyone in town. But trying to unravel family secrets has him enlisting the help of private investigator Olivia. Burned by her cheating, controlling ex-husband, Olivia only takes Jake’s case reluctantly as a favor to a friend, and sets some serious ground rules to keep things strictly professional. Jake is not exactly a rule follower, and the chemistry between these two quickly ignites. These “opposites” have more in common than first appears, and that they are perfect for each other should come as no surprise to us readers. Jennifer writes great characters & you’ll be cheering for them not only unraveling all the puzzle pieces, but getting their happily ever after. Read the book, you won’t be disappointed!

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