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Book 1 of the Royals of Cardenas series, a Historical Fantasy Romance saga following the royal Rothchester family in the fictional kingdom of cardenas.

A rakehell prince …

Third son of the king of Cardenas, Prince Damien Rothchester is known for his drinking, gambling, and whoring. Knowing he will never inherit the throne, he goes about life feeling purposeless. But when he steps into a glittering ballroom on the night of his twenty-fifth birthday, the roguish young prince's life will be forever changed.

A fiery Gypsy dancer …

When Esmeralda Amador steps into the king's ballroom to perform for the prince's twenty-fifth birthday, every eye in the room is upon her. One pair of eyes intrigues her most of all … those of Prince Damien, seeming to stare straight through to her soul.

The two know nothing can ever come of their attraction; he is a prince, and she a Gypsy dancer. Yet, neither can seem to resist the passion that sparks when they are together, or the unmistakable call of destiny forcing their lives onto the same path.

However, love is not the only thing destiny has in store …

With a deadly plot against the royal family surrounding him in danger and intrigue, Damien will face a decision he never thought he would have to make. Will he step up to claim a responsibility that should never have fallen to the third son? Or will he abandon it to risk all for love?

Previous published as The Third Son. Re-released in 2019 with all-new edits, content, cover, and title.

January 15
Marion Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

scwrlbait ,


Usually when I read these stories I can guess what is going to happen and how it will happen, not this one. It had many plot twists and turns and it was not all “roses” for the protagonists. They faced believable problems and moral confrontations. It kept me turning the pages and wondering how it would end. I downloaded for free and then had to buy, which usually doesn’t happen because I didn’t like it enough to care what happens to the other characters. The secondary characters were developed enough to make me care. I would absolutely recommend this story.

sbsbrinson ,

Great Read!

Loved the characters and storyline! True love wins out over treacherous and evil people!

Cris Ipod ,

I tried...

I gave this book 100 pages to get better, but everything I read just made me hate the main character more. He’s selfish, arrogant, whiny, rude, uses poor women like toys, and considers “being aware of her own beauty” and wanting to be treated like a partner to be damning character flaws in a woman.

Perhaps he grows up at some point. I’m just tired of waiting for a single decent human action from anyone in this story.

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