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Jenni Plochka. is running from some college drama when she stops at a secluded old motel. She checks into a run down room not ready for what she will find there.


- From Editor's Intro:

"The Room" will bring you into the fun, interesting, and intriguingly bizarre world of Jaan Seunnasepp. 

When I first read Jaan's work, what stood out most were his thorough descriptions and quirky humor.  I was hooked immediately.

Jaan has a rather unique, dark sense of humor. He’s playful with his writing, and it makes for fun reading. When you read one of his stories, you can’t help but smile or laugh out loud. He’s excellent at description. Each of his pieces are superb at making you feel as if you’re right there alongside his characters. Add to that his sense of drama, his ability to know when a piece needs a more serious tone, and you’ve got yourself a solid bit of writing to keep you quite entertained.

Fiction & Literature
June 7
Creekside Publishing, Portland, Oregon

Customer Reviews

znemeth ,

rich texture with carefully crafted detail and pacing,

It is remarkable how Jaan Seunnasepp tells such poignant stories with so few words. It reminds me of the kinds of dreams that have a mix of sharp, realistic details along with elements of fantasy that resonate with you for days.

The Room is my favorite of the three stories in the collection. It has a rich texture with carefully crafted detail and pacing, leading to a funny and satisfying ending. It is pure entertainment, but the dark humor that pervades the story may haunt the reader for a long time.

xmmj ,

Great little story

Great little story if I do say so myself!

Really is more of an URBAN FANTASY with a twist. :)

Read it then try out the other volumes.

PLEASE! Let us know what you think.


Perfect intro to the genera

In The Room, Seunnasepp draws on the reader's past life experiences, letting your imagination fill in the imagery between the lines to create a detailed scene for his characters to emerge from. The author takes you from intrigued, to startled and hooked in no time, and then delivers the comedic relief. Entire chapters are concentrated into a few lines of description and dialogue. The audience then is able to come face to face with their own demons. As it turns out those demons have a sense of humor. An easy read that gets you thinking and leaves you wanting more.

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