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Within each of us there is a core discovery that needs to be made if we are going to become well.

In a direct yet compassionate style, Misa Hopkins reveals the reason so many of us dont get welleven though we have tried a variety of treatments and solutions.

There is a growing acknowledgement in contemporary spiritual thought that we are the creators of our own reality, including our health. Hopkins shares real-life stories demonstrating that healing is not just the result of finding the right cure, but rather a personal opportunity to create wellness by engaging the sacred flow of Divine consciousness. Without promoting any particular healing methodology or spiritual practice, she provides us with simple stepsa guidebookfor accessing the healing power and wisdom that already lives inside.

Hopkins candidly takes us into the successes of her own healing as she uncovered and transformed secret needs being met through her life-challenging illnesses. She shows us how illness can actually meet profound subconscious emotional needs, causing us to remain sick, and then she teaches us how to invite our subconscious worlds into alignment with our conscious desires. The result of this alignment is the ultimate root of all healinga new level of our own Divine awareness and power awakened.

"If everyone seeking medical and holistic help read this and addressed the
hidden barriers to healing, they would get healthier faster and with less
struggle. I want all my patients to have this book!"

Valerie Olmsted, NMD, Host of The Enlightened Medicine Show

Misa, after witnessing the results of your healing steps several times in my life and in the lives of clients youve helped, I know miracles can be created.

Kevin Hooey, Transformational Coach

This book is absolutely brilliant! Misa puts important concepts together in a way that makes you go...Oh I get it! It's a first aid handbook for the new 21st century consciousness.

Cheryl McDaniel, LPN

The 7 steps provide practical ways any of us can develop grass roots self-mastery in our journey of Divine awareness and healing.

John Brown, Minister

I have fewer migraines, less back pain, and sleep better! I am so much more upbeat and happy; trusting myself and my process, and enjoying ordinary life now!

Arleahnna, Spiritual Healer

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May 29