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One of the most spectacular and miraculous shows on earth took place in 1531 in a quiet town of Mexico City, Mexico. And my trip to this miraculous site of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico was, in itself, a great miracle!

After I prayed to Our Lady’s picture that was given to me by a customer when I was working as a cashier, a great miracle took place. That very minute after I prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe’s photo, my sister called me to tell me that she was paying for my trip!

And that miraculous photo that I prayed to is none other than the cover of my book!

After several trip cancellations, one of which involved a scammer impersonating a priest, I was able to go and visit the famous and miraculous site of the mother of God, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. I lost three thousand dollars to of that impersonating, scamming priest.

After the itinerary was paid and done, that impersonating priest just disappeared. No tour to Mexico took place. I just laughed about the whole thing. My sister and her husband, my brother-in-law, were also scammed. They traveled in January 2018 to Mexico using another travel agency. Meanwhile, I told myself that that was the end of my dream to go to Mexico to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This Mexico trip was again cancelled after my sister had paid the whole itinerary due to not having enough people to join the tour. It was moved to November instead of May 2018. It was as if God was directing this trip. It was because this time, I was able to convince my best friend, whom I have not seen for three years, to join me in this pilgrimage tour. And she did! It was another miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the prime Creator!

“All is well that ends well,” the English poet Shakespeare had said.

The rose and the tilma and the mother of God are all unexplainable mysteries. Roses that gathered in wintertime in deep snows, the cactus or aloe vera fibers that made up the tilma or mantle or cloak, and the painting that puzzled and baffled the scientists and experts are the highlights of this book.

An ophthalmologist from Japan who stood atop the chair to examine the eyes of the mother of God had fainted and fallen from where he was standing. When asked why, the eye specialist said that the eyes of the Madonna seemed to move and were alive.

The portrait that no other scientists or painters could explain and that had baffled many for many centuries had not tarnished even after more than five hundred years. And know that the roses that were gathered during wintertime where no roses had ever thrived and that had been placed on the tilma or cloak made from the cactus or aloe vera plant by the person who saw this heavenly vision had produced a very miraculous and beautiful painting that millions of people visit every day of each year. The author was one of them.

The word Mexico itself means “the center of the moon.” Little did anyone foretell that this “center of the moon” country would see a lady from the sky standing on a half-moon in December 9, 1531.

This painting from heaven is on display at the main altar of the newly built church in the shape of a cone, just like its famous mountain situated in Mexico.

This book is a product of so many miracles you would not want to miss. You will find out in this book how several stems of red roses had produced a heavenly painting no one can explain. You are so blessed to have this precious book, which is as precious as you are and maybe even more, my dear readers. The mother of God has a mission for me and for you, and that is to propagate love to all through her miraculous painting from heaven. In The Rose and the Tilma, Nuestra Signora Maria de Guadalupe invites all of you to her heart, mind, and soul.

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