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"I just read through The Rose King and LOVED it! Totally recommend it!" –Keira Blackwood, author of The Sawtooth Peaks Series

He will have to fight for the woman he loved and lost.

Rex has known since he was a teenager that his neighbor, Gemma, is the one for him. But as a wolf shifter, he's been told that his life is too violent to bind himself to a fragile human. For the past eight years, he's been fighting in cage matches and trying to forget the woman who holds his heart.

Now that Gemma has found her long-lost best friend, she can't believe he's the Rose King, a violent fighter. When cruel men want to control Rex, Gemma must

confront the reason he left her, all those years ago. If she knows the truth about him, can their love endure?

This shapeshifter novella stands alone and has a happily-ever-after. It contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes and is intended for adults.

August 12
Liza Street
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

quietbre ,

Sweet meets Wild

Two best friends destined to be mates, but one is human and the other a shifter. Warned by his parents of the dangers of bonding with a fragile human, the boy leaves his small town breaking his heart, yet loving her too much to endanger her life.

Several years later, he is an underground, ring fighter aka the “Rose King,” and she is an intern journalist. Given an opportunity of a lifetime by her boss, she leaves on a journey to expose the underground ring. In doing so, she finds out that the Rose King is none other than her missing best friend. Can the Rose King convince his mate to forgive him and trust in their love? I encourage you, the reader to find out.

RomanceNovelGiveaways ,

I am a TOTAL sucker for "long lost loves"

I am a TOTAL sucker for "long lost loves"

I am a total sucker for "long lost loves," "the one that got away," "you are my mate and I'll never let you go," etc.

I was completely sucked in by this story, and at 25%-ish in, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see how Rex and Gemma reconnected.

Liza, as usual, did an EXCELLENT job of writing the emotions these two felt for each other. I actually met this couple in a subsequent standalone book, but it was SO nice to learn their history.

I LOVE Liza's books!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

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