The Rosebud Girls

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The very best of friends, the Rosebud Girls are about to embark on the adventure of their lives.

To own the Rosebud Lodge had been the dream of the Rosebud Girls since the summer after high school too many years before. The five of them promised that if it ever went up for sale, they'd buy it. Together. So when real estate mogul Callie sees it for sale, she knows it's time to pounce. Except that all of her friends seem to be holding back when they should be pressing forward. So Callie decides it's up to her to help them take the leap. 

As part owner of one of the hottest restaurants in San Francisco, Saffron is living the life. Well, if the life includes working fourteen hour days and having the work load of her partners heaped onto her while they sat back and accepted all of the accolades. But she's great. She is fine. She's still executive chef and doing what she loves. Except when she begins to realize that she isn't spending any time with the people she loves. So when Callie storms into Saffron's kitchen telling her that the lodge is up for sale, their lodge is up for sale, Saffron has to re-evaluate. Is she really living her dream? 

As a high-powered CFO, Kenzie has achieved every success she could have imagined. She is married to the beautiful man of her dreams, is working the job she's always desired, and has a penthouse condo to boot. But when that man of her dreams drops earth shattering news, Kenzie is second guessing everything. She's where she's supposed to be, isn't she? Then why when the going got tough did home, the Rosebud Girls, and even the lodge call to her? 

The only thing worse than a divorce...a public divorce. But when one is married to the biggest country star of the decade and then becomes no longer married to him, that's news. And while Hazel isn't too broken up about the end of her marriage, it was a long time coming, she is concerned about her two teenaged boys who love her and idolize their father. She knows tearing their family apart isn't what she would have wanted to do. And she didn't. But when Owen, her ex, asked for a divorce, Hazel wouldn't fight him. And she does come out of the divorce with everything she wants, including full custody of her boys. So she moves to the place that will heal them all, Rosebud. But when healing doesn't come fast enough for either of her children, Hazel isn't sure what to do, especially when her oldest, Chase, decides that everything wrong in his life is Hazel's fault. Will Hazel be able to fix things before Chase tries to leave Rosebud for good? 

Laurel has a secret. One she can't even tell her friends. So even as the four of them decide that they need to buy their lodge, Laurel can't. Not without revealing what is about to blow not only her marriage and her life, but the maybe entire town of Rosebud apart. And she can't do that. Not yet. So it means she has to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime with the girls she loves like family. 

Meet the Rosebud Girls as they join back together to fulfill their childhood dream. Ups and downs are promised as well as an eventual happy ending. Because with women like this who always have one another's backs, if things aren't happy, the journey isn't quite at its end yet.

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April 6
Pickled Plum Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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