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Book 1

A broken girl. The boy next door. An introduction gone wrong.

Andie has one rule she lives by, no a$$holes. She doesn't befriend them and she certainly doesn't date them. Upon transferring universities, she's irritated to discover her neighbor is not only an a$$hole, but one she's attracted to.

Lucas doesn't want any distractions, but the sexy, distant woman across the hall intrigues him in a way he can't resist. His determination to show her he's not like the others whittles away until they give in to their attraction.

As Andie struggles with demons from her past, will she allow herself to trust the man she's grown to love? And will Lucas be able handle the secrets she bears?

Both will need to decide what is worth fighting for.

Book 2

Six years ago, a positive pregnancy test destroyed Ava. Her goals, her relationship, the entire way she viewed her future.

From the rubble, a rule was created: No bad boys.

In their wake is chaos and destruction, something she could no longer risk.

Ava has been happy with this rule, until now.

The bad boy across the hall makes her want to abandon it. Those hazel eyes piercing her, as though they can read her mind. That gentle smile as he interacts with her son. Dax awakens something in her that she's never felt before.

Will she regret opening her heart to another bad boy?

Dax is determined to earn back the respect he lost for himself years ago and create a future he can be proud of. He's spent his life breaking rules and now he has a rigid set of rules to live by.

Ava is a distraction he doesn't need.

Nothing like the women from his past, everything about her from her adorable son to the paint constantly covering her hands reminds him of why he needs to focus. He knows the look in her eyes, he fights the urge to give in to that look. He doesn't deserve it, at least not yet.

 Will Dax ever feel like he's earned it, or will a call from his past cause him to push her away for good?

Book 3

Nella Anderson isn't your typical college student. She has a secret, one she can never share.
With secrets come rules.
Rules set by others.
Rules set by herself.
Nella's rule is simple. No jocks.
Carter Jacobs doesn't make keeping her rule easy, but she's determined not to break it.

Carter refuses to let women get the best of him. He's seen the fallout and learned early on that you can't fully trust anyone. Giving someone his entire heart is not an option. Nella has captured his interest, but he keeps himself at a distance.

An online friendship, identities unknown, has Nella and Carter unwittingly trusting each other.
Secrets are uncovered, identities revealed.

April 15
Ashley Erin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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