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Christabel Orlova remembers nothing before the night she woke in a Turkish bazaar with two passports, two governments on her tail, and no knowledge of her shadowy past. Armed only with keen wits, survival instincts and mad skills in the research lab, Christa has three goals. Stay alive. Stay one step ahead of her hunters. And find a cure for the Ebola bioweapon whose secret is locked in her brainbox—before it wipes out the human race. Gypsy, loner and wild child, her first rule of survival is never to trust.

Ex-Russian fighter pilot Max Vasylko is a gun-for-hire smuggler who’ll fly Contraband cargo anywhere in the world, no questions asked. But he can’t fly far enough to forget the wife and daughter who died in an Ebola outbreak. When a bioweapon from a rogue U.S. program is to blame, Max’s mission turns personal. Find the scientist responsible for designing the super virus — and make her pay. The last villain he expects is Christa: a smart, sexy, scrappy survivor in hiking Boots who’s lost her own brother to the virus.

Now Max is flying high above the African jungle with enemy agents in his six and a sweet redhead he’ll risk his backside to protect. Christa’s tempted to trust this hot-as-hell jet jockey with his wildcat courage and Mafia past. But the vaccine isn’t the only secret locked in her head. To uncover the truth, Max and Christa must win their toughest battle yet. The battle of hearts between them.

"Meet Max Vasylko, pilot-for-hire: he'll rocket you to forty thousand feet, blow your mind at zero gravity, and plummet your heart to the ground...and that's all before you step inside his plane. From the jungles of Juba to the mountains of Corsica, Nikki Navarre's latest breathless adventure straps you into the jump seat of a black-market cargo plane piloted by a hot Slavic hero with regular stops for high-octane escapes, machete-wielding baddies, and more sex-laced intrigue than you can handle."
~ Jamie Michele Award-Winning Romance Writer

February 21
River Valley Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.