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Arthur Freeman, a computer hacker turned detective, is hunting a serial killer targeting modern day saints. Every two months, a new body turns up—and the world is left with one less good person.

Against him is an unscrupulous reality TV show, whose sole premise is that the police are corrupt and incompetent. As the intensifying public reaction pushes all of Freeman's resources to the limits, he dusts off his old habits—computer hacking—to dig up evidence he couldn’t find legally.

But when he accidentally leaves a cyber-trail, he finds himself targeted by a member of his own department, who doesn't know the hacker she's tailing is in the office next door.

It's a deadly cat-and-mouse game set against the lights of Hollywood.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 2
Erik Hanberg
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Customer Reviews

Meadefan ,

The Saints Go Dying

Just the right blend of humor, pathos, and crime solving. The book moves rapidly. Some claim the tech at the climax is unlikely, but I'm not a tech guy, so it worked for me.

Old Tacoma boy ,

"Saints..." clever, entertaining

Sometimes, really good stories seem to take a sight leap-of-faith to appreciate. You have to accept certain premises of the author's; if you can't, then the story does not make it.

I mention this in regard to Erik Hanberg's "The Saints Go Dying" only because of my own lack of knowledge about certain aspects of the story, such as some technology matters towards the end. There were some actions taken by the story's hero which I thought might not have been quite as acceptable as the tale let them be, but then again, the hero, Beautyman --- names were another element right on the edge of believability --- was censured enough in the course of things to be believable.

Those are some little difficulties I had with the story, but they did not detract at all from my thorough enjoyment of it. As I say, they may well have been due to my lack of knowledge, not the author's. Perhaps the best and most sincere compliment I can make is that I wish I had written it!

catlvr49 ,

The Saints Go Dying

A good read full of detection skills.

Wish I was as computer savvy as Beautyman!

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