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Life was good in Moorsville where Adelaide Bloom knew exactly her place. Nanny. Sister. Black sheep of the sleepy little town.

Her life was dead opposite of Ashton Scott, celebrity attorney to A-lister stars and hometown legend. But when he shows up back at his old family mansion with a daughter no one knew he had, and needs a nanny? She finally has a chance to prove she’s more than just “the maid’s daughter with a past.”

For one, he may be great at dating supermodels but his idea of parenting could fit into a thimble. Like his strict rules of not letting the six-year-old get dirty or eat sugar? Ha! They were mere suggestions, right?

Ash never wanted to see this hole-in the-wall town ever again. But he’ll do anything to keep his daughter safe from the paparazzi and gold diggers. He’ll even live in his old family home for a year just to get her settled at the local girls academy. Then he’ll high-tail it back to Manhattan where he belonged. That is, if that nanny could ever follow basic instructions.

If only she wasn’t so oddly appealing for reasons he couldn’t fathom. He didn’t have time for women, for all the entanglements they brought. And Adelaide was a walking complication.

But no problem. Resistance to temptation was his specialty. At least it was.

A meet cute, opposites attract, grumpy boss-Miss Sunshine, steamy romantic comedy

January 25
Elizabeth SaFleur
Elizabeth SaFleur

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