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Confusius is confused. He is confused about cultural appropriation, for instance. He is also confused about gender fluidity, identity politics and the Diversity Cult. Left-wing bullies, Marxist intellectuals, Antifa, Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg confuse him. Postmodern academics and their social constructionism and deconstructionism confuse him. He is confused about social justice warriors and kindred progressive activists. “Woke” people who are clearly sound asleep confuse him. Radical feminism confuses him, as do microaggression and safe spaces. Unsolicited Hollywood celebrity opinions confuse him, as do phony oppression and victimhood. Uncontrolled immigration confuses him. BLM, DNC, LGBTQ, NGO, UN, EU, FBI and D.C. confuse him. Progressive platitudes confuse him. Political correctness in general and in particular confuses him. Internationalism, left-wing overreach, liberal domination in education and academia and extraordinarily biased mainstream media confuse him. Particularly confusing is watching how his fellow citizens let themselves be patronized, harassed and silenced by all of the above. Most confusing of all, however, is that The Great Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 could have possibly been possible in the United States of America. Confusius feels as if the world has just been pulled out from beneath his feet and is genuinely frightened at the new level of confusion that has broken out to darken our beautiful and spacious skies.

Confusionism is an expression of this confusion and the random observations which comprise this little book are an attempt to come to grips with the demoralization we are now witnessing all around us. It is a spontaneous reaction to the turmoil that permeates what remains of the civil society we live in. Like the conservatism it stems from, confusionism is not a philosophy per se but a response to the excesses of left-wing lunacy. It is an attempt to illustrate the senselessness of liberal “anything goes” culture now masquerading as the norm in American society. It is a rebellion against the status quo of leftist ideological politics and the bludgeon of moral condescension progressives use against anyone who refuses to be indoctrinated. Like a cry for help in the wilderness that may never be heard, confusionism is nevertheless a cry of hope. A rather confused cry of hope, granted, but a cry of hope all the same. The hope is that the disregard for fairness, justice, honesty and objectivity we are now witnessing can somehow be checked and eventually undone.

And just who is Confusius? I am not at liberty to tell you. He wishes to keep his identity a secret. All I can say for sure is that he is even more emotionally unstable than before the election and busier than usual subjecting complete strangers like you to his confusionist views, “jokes” and unsolicited advice. I can also tell you that he is not Chinese, even though he insists on expressing himself with a hokey faux-Chinese accent and a ridiculous grammatical style that he probably assumes to be Chinese as well. He did ask me to pass on his heartfelt wish that you will enjoy this collection of confusionist erudition and that you must never forget, should you share his confusion, that hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

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January 19
Hermann Observer
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