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Seventh grade and the summer that followed brought a combination of new life experiences and a few sad farewells. A careless four words led me to suffer my first broken bone. On the heels of my recuperation, I got to witness Smoky, our family cat, giving birth. It was the first birth of any species that I was ever present for.

There was the excitement of the arrival of the first early model Kurzweil Reading Machine at Sinclair Community College, and my attendance at Camp Stone for the last time would open my ears to popular music in an entirely new way. But in other respects, that session at Camp Stone was deeply disappointing.

An important part of my life would soon come to a sudden halt. The demise of choir was equivalent to the death of a very deep section of my heart.

Experiences gained both inside and outside of school since my start at Stivers would set the stage for my 8th grade year to be one of great transition. This will be the subject of Book Three.

So let’s continue where we left off. In Book One, I introduced you to my family, starting from its inception, then focused on my growth and development. In this book, we will first set the stage for the story ahead, then journey through the last half of my 7th grade year as a new student at Stivers and the subsequent summer.

Again, a hearty thanks to you, my readers.

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May 27
Chaim B. Segal
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