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The scarlet letter means infidelity. To wear it marks you as a sinner, a corruptor, and an outcast. The scarlet “A” that Hester Prynne is forced to wear not only marks her as an adulterer, but to her it becomes something more: a spiritual a wakening. 

In a mid-17th century Puritan colony in Massachusetts, Hester walks out of prison carrying her daughter, Pearl, born behind prison walls. Her husband, thought to be lost at sea, arrives in town secretly watches his wife’s shaming from a distance with a heavy heart. Hester’s lover is tormented with guilt over his affair and over the daughter he will never be able to raise, and he reveals a dying act of regret for the entire town to witness. 

A marvelous depiction of haunting memories, sin, and the consequences thereof, The Scarlet Letter is one of Hawthorne’s greatest works of art. 

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February 25
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Customer Reviews

lady_firebird ,

Good read

Good read

Loopnet ,

The Scarlet Letter

Simply said- this is a magnificent literary work.
It portrays powerfully the hidden energy, whether hidden or in plain view, of earned and unearned guilt and its tidal aftereffects, which can be harnessed for both constructive or destructive ends.
Magically uplifting.

Joseph Habib ,

A powerful story with an Eternal lesson

Nathanial Hawthorne wrote "The Scarlet Letter" with a God given talent for
extremely descriptive and captivating prose. Many lessons may be taken. He reminds us that we all have a sinful nature. None of us is perfect. If we negatively judge and persecute others, we exacerbate the negative consequences of our sinful nature. We perpetuate it!

If his characters, had known about the power of a sacramental "Confession", instead of the "Puritan pillory", much pain and suffering would have been avoided.

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