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Armed with only his wits and his cunning, one man recklessly defies the French revolutionaries and rescues scores of innocent men, women, and children from the deadly guillotine. His friends and foes know him only as the Scarlet Pimpernel. But the ruthless French agent Chauvelin is sworn to discover his identity and to hunt him down.

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January 1
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Customer Reviews

FuzzyBoo42 ,

Fantastic classic !

There is high intrigue! Daring do, a touch of courage and bravado, all mixed up in a pleasurable read. I recommend it.

Cbkamd6 ,


I absolutely LOVE this book! It teaches sooo much french history!
I have gotten a countless amount of vocabulary from it and it IS understandable! (I'm only twelve and I can understand it!) Orczy
Has such a great description, and I adore the ever-mystifying fop Sir. Percy! I highly recommend the book although it will not make sense to teens under the age of probably 16 (because of the challenging vocabulary). overall, the scarlet pimpernel brings action, mystery, love, and history into a beloved classic.

SmolGamerBean ,

Such a wonderful story!!

My grandma begged me for years to read or watch the Scarlet Pimpernel, however, me being the young, stubborn little girl I was, refused. However, recently, I finally gave in and watched the 1982 Scarlet Pimpernel movie with her. I loved it so much that I watched it four more times after that within the span of two days after watching it the first time. I knew I had to read the book!! This book was extraordinary! At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but in the end, I absolutely adored it. It is a real page turner, never a dull moment or slow part. The characters were brilliant, and the ending left me at a loss for words. The romance in this story had me screenshotting quotes left and right! Hell, if only all men were like Sir Percy Blakeney, haha. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical literature, romance, dashing heroes, etc.

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