The Scot's Oath The Scot's Oath
Book 3 - Sons of Scotland

The Scot's Oath

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In the shadow of a damning legacy, these proud sons take medieval Scotland by storm . . . and surrender to love’s saving grace.
When Padraig Boyd learns he is the sole legitimate heir to a Northumberland manor, he flees the impoverished fishing isle of Caedmaray to claim the estate and clear his missing father of criminal accusations. Arriving at imposing, mysterious Darlyrede House, he faces a formidable enemy in the castle’s occupying lord, a challenging battle—and an unexpected helper . . .
With deadly traps awaiting him at every turn, Padraig finds an ally in Beryl, a beautiful maidservant who schools the rugged Scotsman in the rules of nobility. But as a tempting passion draws them in, so do the secrets that brought the cunning lass to this house of scandal and deceit. Unmasking her intentions is a high-stakes
game—one that may arm Padraig with the most dangerous of weapons: the truth.

February 16
Lyrical Press
Kensington Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

CelticBarb ,

An absolute Masterpiece

Northumberland, 1458
Padraig Boyd the son of Baron Thomas (Tommy Boyd) Annesley, Lord of Darlyrede, who is finally caught and they are planning his execution. He is taken into custody because of Dragan who really holds a grudge and still wants revenge against Tommy, even all these years later. Padraig wants to finally clear his fathers name and Tommy again escapes once again. The difference is the King’s man, Lucan Montague, has his own secret agenda and wants to help Padraig get his family home back and have the King listen to his plea and evidence. Lucan believes him it seems there had been many secrets and indiscretions at Darlyrede House still. Plus Padraig falls for Lady Hargrave’s maid Beryl quickly. Except she too is afraid with his unsophistication and his brogue, the English nobility will chew him up and spit him out. As it turns out she is actually a lady herself and only disguising herself as a ladies maid. Beryl’s name is really Iris Montage, and she is looking for proof that Vaughn Hargrave, burned her family home Castle Dare, that killed both her parents and orphaned both her and her brother Lucan. .So she turns out to be Padraig’s tutor as she will care for Lady Hargrave in the evenings. She is documenting everything she discovers in this house of horrors. As there are missing teenage girls including their own daughter and niece as Hargrave is an absolute evil psychopath! It seems he is obsessed with sixteen year old girls!

Vaughn Hargrave is the big thorn in his fathers side, accusing him of the heinous crimes,. from murder to trying to have him removed from his own land and stealing his family home and even trying to have him emxecuted! Padraig knows his father as a kind. thoughtful, loyal, loving and hard working, quiet man that would not harm a soul! Padraig course at first he was not taken seriously just another fortune hunter. Well that is until the evil tyrant Vaughn Hargrave who is suspected of many gruesome crimes involving young teenage girls which includes torturing his own servants where everyone fears him. Yet he has to agree with the King but does everything he can to get rid of Padraig but I won’t spoil that for the readers,

Yet Padraig soon discovers Iris has been lying to him right from the beginning and Lucan too! He feels Satin’s bite as he felt they had been his only true friends! So his all her nobility training goes to dust as the brogue comes out and he does not care. He even is ready to give up the house and everything that came with it realizing it wasn’t worth it! Padraig’s heart is truly broken as he was truly in love with Beryl/Iris and would of even put up with het vicious kitten, he now just wanted to go back to Scotland. Except the lady he desires most is in an extremely dangerous position where death might be her only option. Will Padraig ever know if he returns to the Western Isles of Scotland? Will he ever forgive the Montage siblings betrayal? Will he ever open his heart again? Read and find out and read the teaser for book four too.

I have been reading Heather Grothaus novels since 2006 and they always sweep me away into the world of imagination that I love. I also know this author loves animal so I loved Satin/ Satan it was too adorable. I am also a lover of fury creatures too, so I love animals in my stories. This was a story that was action packed from start to finish, designed a lot like a gothic novel I felt. It seemed to me every other page had something major and life shattering happen it was absolutely brilliant. Probably my favorite read this year! That is not surprising as I always love Heather Grothaus books! This was another with a breathtaking setting, the dialogue was exhilarating, the multi-dimensional characters were mind blowing though I think Satin was a bit of a scene stealer!LoL Now the plotting was set up so brilliantly, that left me breathless as I had no idea what was coming next!

I received this book from the publishers for a fair and honest review. I voluntarily agreed to read, review, blog and promote through netgalley. All words, ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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