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Gary Glickman, author of Years From Now and Aura, and twice the recipient of a National Endowment of the Arts fellowship, has written an epic novel set in the mythic island of Nef, a land of peaceful people being overtaken by a fundamentalist regime. 

“At last! A novel of heart! This is an enchanting, enthralling book that, by some magic of storytelling, seemed always to be speaking of my own soul.” — Bonnie Friedman, author of Surrendering Oz and Writing Past Dark.

Who are the Godlians, and why are they trying to conquer the world? When Godlian clerics began secretly burning the treasured remains of the ancient library of Nef, both the young and the old must do their part to save the only records of the old wisdom. The old king’s brother, master translator of the scrolls, must teach his dream-reader great-nephew whatever skills he can absorb; the orphaned daughter of a priestess must use her prize-winning gifts as a singer to rally an exiled people; and a young warrior prince must learn from an abbey of fugitive witches enough wisdom to create and lead a rebellion. Whether hiding in the northern mountains or on the southern archipelago sea, two royal brothers must learn to embrace each other’s opposite natures in time to outmaneuver a brutal fundamentalist empire. 

This version contains ten songs written and recorded by The Dream Brothers, specifically for The Scrolls of Nef.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 1
Hand to Hand Publishing
Deena Metzger

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proud romantic ,


I read (and represent) many books for a living, and I truly think this is simply a great one. The plot is fast and big-- the Godlians seem to me very similar to what's happening with ISIS, and Syria, but from a mythic, or fairy-tale, perspective: MUCH more engaging that way than the daily headlines. With life's actual tragedies, you don't get to choose what awful details are thrown at you. In literature such as this, you get characters you can easily love, who actually TRIUMPH even though lots of bad stuff happens. But in the case of The Scrolls of Nef, the heroines and heroes triumph over violence, war, the evils of brutal fundamentalism. It's even funny, and touching. There's so much here. The songs included in the book are also extraordinary. I think it's a whole new genre, really. Who else includes produced songs in the text. This is amazing.

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