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The Sea Otter - Read Aloud


Animal Tales

Follow the sea otter as it floats on its back in a watery forest of kelp in the sea.  Learn how it uses rocks to crack open mussels and eat them. Discover how sea otters maintain the balance in the kelp forest by eating sea urchins.  

In the first part of The Sea Otter, you'll hear a poem paired with photographs of this wonderful, marine animal.

In the second part, you can listen to the paired rhyming lines followed by 24 fun facts about the sea otter and its environment. 

Listening to poetry is a fun way to discover sound and rhythm in English. Children can read along with an audio track, following the highlighted words on each page.  This feature is perfect for young readers. It is also a great tool for English language learners of any age. 

To start the audio: 

1) Tap the middle of the screen

2) Tap the speaker icon in the upper right 

3) Tap "Start reading" on the drop down menu

Young Adult
November 15
Little ELL
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Customer Reviews

Grandma Julz ,

Pretty Voice

Pretty Voice

Jesus0112 ,

Tales of Sea Otters.

I enjoyed this short informative story about the sea otters of where they live, how they thrive, how they care for themselves and their babies as well as kelp forests. With beautiful images (photos) of the sea otters lives and what they eat etc. It just didn't fill the reader in who their predators were though. This would also be very interesting info, author. But these are my reasons for rating this book as is. I think I had received it for free but do not remember if this is So or not. But in return, here is my honest review. Super work author! By Angela

Pipermeister ,

The sea Otter

I find the little zinging noise between sections or paragraphs at the latter half of the book to be a distraction, even an annoyance. Is there some way I can disable that? Other than that a great educational tool. I did not know that sea otters can retract their fore paw claws. I wonder why they have that ability.....

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