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New York Times Bestseller: From the journalists who covered the story, the shocking crimes of Gary Ridgway, America’s most prolific serial murderer.

In the 1980s and 1990s, forty-nine women in the Seattle area were brutally murdered, their bodies dumped along the Green River and Pacific Highway South in Washington State. Despite an exhaustive investigation—even serial killer Ted Bundy was consulted to assist with psychological profiling—the sadistic killer continued to elude authorities for nearly twenty years.

Then, in 2001, after mounting suspicion and with DNA evidence finally in hand, King County police charged a fifty-two-year-old truck painter, Gary Ridgway, with the murders. His confession and the horrific details of his crimes only added fuel to the notoriety of the Green River Killer.
Journalists Carlton Smith and Tomas Guillen covered the murders for the Seattle Times from day one, receiving a Pulitzer Prize nomination for their work. They wrote the first edition of this book before the police had their man. Revised after Ridgway’s conviction and featuring chilling photographs from the case, The Search for the Green River Killer is the ultimate authoritative account of the Pacific Northwest killing spree that held a nation spellbound—and continues to horrify and fascinate, spawning dramatizations and documentaries of a demented killer who seemed unstoppable for decades.

July 4
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Customer Reviews

cloverhessrs ,

The search for the green river killer

The print is microscopic. I can’t read it.

Free83118 ,

Green River Killer - Amazing true story

The book takes a very detailed look at the circumstances and details involved with hunting down this monster. This took amazing dedication of many professionals, fighting to find small bits of evidence, not to mention fighting politics and finances, to make this all come together. And while it looked like the killer would never be found, he finally was. Great read. Highly recommended.

SolitaryWoman ,

The Search for the Green River Killer

I couldn't bear to put it down. However, I continue to find so many typo & lack of sense in too many sentences. But mostly it is a story about the politics that allowed so many murders to occur. Very interesting, but not when I'm expecting gore. Seventeen hundred iBook pages. Half or more dedicated to politics. And the gore wasn't as gory as I like. Later!

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