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'In this beautifully detailed, thrilling historical novel, author Tim Ellis brings back to life the largely forgotten Juan Luis Vives, a Spanish Jew and leading Renaissance Humanist'

-Blueink starred review-

It is 1522, The Spanish Netherlands, Juan Luis Vives, a renowned academic, has fled Spain to avoid the fires of the Inquisition, yet even here he is not safe. When England's Sir Thomas More offers him the role of tutor to Mary, daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, he eagerly accepts.

While publicly navigating life as a 'New Christian,' Vives is quickly drawn into the secretive and dangerous world of London's Jewish community. With a foot in each world, he is torn between the love of two women.

Inside the Tudor court, the king and queen separately seek Vives's assistance to support their opposed demands. He must betray one to help the other, knowing his decision could cost him his life. Whom will he choose? Will his wily skills allow him to manipulate them both? Not only his survival but that of his family and his entire people hang in the balance.

'Beautiful metaphors and tactile, evocative descriptions bring sixteenth-century England and Spain to life'

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"This enthralling story is sure to please lovers of high drama, international intrigue, momentous history and psychological thrillers"

-Blueink starred review-

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August 2
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Amybooksy ,

The Secret Diaries of Juan Luis Vives

The Secret Diaries of Juan Luis Vives is a great debut for Tim Darcy Ellis. I thought this was a really good read. The writing style is a bit unique than what I am used to but I thought it was refreshing to read something that is different. I love to read books from the Tudor era but somehow, I missed the history of Juan Luis Vives. I thought he was an intriguing individual of the times. I have never heard of him before and found myself searching the internet to find out more about him. The author obviously did some extensive research and it shows within the pages of this book. It was fascinating to learn so much about him and loved how Mr Ellis was able to bring him to life.

I am giving The Secret Diaries of Juan Luis Vives four and a half stars. I would love to see more books written by Tim Darcy Ellis in the near future. He definitely has proved to me that he is quite talented. I am curious as to what other historical figures he has in mind for more releases. I recommend this one for readers who enjoy historical fiction based on true historical figures and for those who love to read Tudor era stories. I thought it was a great read and it should not be missed.

I received The Secret Diaries of Juan Luis from the publisher. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.