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Li Ye (Marry Lennox) grew up without the love and affection of her parents. After an epidemic leaves her an orphan, Li Ye is sent off to live with her reclusive uncle in his sprawling estate in Nanjing. She learns of a secret garden where no one has set food in ten years. Li Ye finds the garden and slowly discovers the secrets of the manor. With the help of new friends, she brings the garden back to life and learns the healing power of friendship and love.

Mandarin Companion is a series of easy-to-read novels in Chinese that are fun to read and proven to accelerate language learning. Every book in the Mandarin Companion series is carefully written to use characters, words, and grammar that a learner is likely to know.

Level 1 is written using approximately 300 unique Chinese characters and intended for Chinese learners at an upper-elementary level. Most learners will be able to approach this book after one to two years of formal study, depending on the learner and program. This series is designed to combine simplicity of characters with an easy-to-understand storyline that helps beginners grow their vocabulary and language comprehension abilities.

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October 2
Mind Spark Press LLC
Mind Spark Press LLC
Grades 4-17

Customer Reviews

LeChatParle ,

Captivating & Fun

The book is very good, i enjoyed reading it, and I kept coming back for more. I can’t wait for the next one to be availible on iBooks. 谢谢

I do wish, however, that there would be grammar explanations in addition to vocabulary explanations. There were only about two times in this book where I wasn’t sure what was being said, so if that could be added, that would be amazing.

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