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As the light of their empire faded into history, the ancient Romans made one last-ditch effort to plant the seed of their civilization in a foreign land -- they launched a mission to bring Christianity to Ireland.  And there, on a little Emerald Isle that had never been conquered and occupied by Rome, something extraordinary happened.  In the process of converting from paganism to Christianity, the ancient Irish developed a remarkable approach to the Christian faith that would one day make science, democracy, and our modern world possible.

In this joyous and illuminating journey through more than ten centuries of history, James and Leo Behan follow the astonishing story of how the holy men of Ireland shepherded the West from antiquity to the modern era.  With their powerful brand of ìIrish Christianity, the monks of Ireland transformed Europe and produced the key that would ultimately unlock the awesome potential of the Christian faith.

Sure to intrigue, entertain, transform, and capture the imagination, The Secret Gospel of Ireland lifts the veil that has for so long separated science and democracy from their Christian roots in ancient Ireland.  More than a book, it is a revelation in which history, philosophy, and theology come together to show how our civilization floats in a sea of faith that was born on the Emerald Isle centuries ago.

James Behan is a graduate of Harvard Law School and holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of California, Berkeley.  He is a lawyer who specializes in international business transactions and has practiced law in cities throughout the United States and abroad, including New York, Tokyo, Palo Alto, and Chicago.  He possesses a deep interest in the relationship between science and religion, as well as a passion for golf, which he enjoys sharing with his wife and family.

Leo Behan is a graduate of Boston College Law School and holds a degree in history from the University of California, Berkeley.  He is a lawyer and a military veteran, having served in the United States Air Force JAG Corps.  He is passionate about history and philosophy, as well as classical guitar.

James and Leo are brothers who originally hail from the San Francisco Bay Area.  They have inherited their love of Ireland and the Irish from their father, who immigrated to America from Ireland many years ago.

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