The Secret Life of Your Blood Sugar: a Diabetes Skeleton in Your Doctor’s Closet

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From the author of “How To Reverse Your Diabetes (If You Really Mean It)”.

The first step in reversing type 2 diabetes is getting rid of the diabetes medication while maintaining a healthy fasting glucose level. Even if you are not yet ready to go all the way and do what it takes to permanently reverse your diabetes, merely accomplishing this initial goal is a huge step forward.

I started out with a startling 12.1% A1C and 312 mg/dl fasting glucose. Using the technique described in this book, I lowered my A1C to 5.8% and my fasting glucose to 102 mg/dl - without any diabetes medication.

You can do the same. To learn how, download a free sample of this book.

Type 2 Diabetes is reversible!
It's official – type 2 diabetes can be reversed. The evidence presented by Newcastle University Professor Roy Taylor, at the European Association For The Study Of Diabetes meeting in Lisbon, on September 11, 2017, leaves no doubt.
I have come up with a simple way to find the path that was right for me and I have collected all the information you need in a short, quick guide: The Secret Life of Your Blood Sugar.

However, accomplishing a final reversal of this condition takes time. Before engaging in that ambitious goal, it is important to prove to ourselves that we can achieve control of our glucose level without medication. That is the main purpose of this book. Indeed, such results may be sufficient for some people, but I suggest that you look at it as a first step toward making your achievement permanent.
I have gone all the way and achieved complete reversal of my type 2 diabetes, with an A1C of 5.7 and fasting glucose levels in the 90s. However, tackling a complete reversal of the condition may be daunting if you don’t have the conviction that comes from proving to yourself that you are capable of doing it. If you are already determined to reverse your diabetes, you may want to skip this book and read HOW TO REVERSE YOUR DIABETES (If You Really Mean It) instead. Part 1 of that book incorporates the information found in this one. However, if you prefer a more gradual approach and want to build your confidence first, you should start with The Secret Life of Your Blood Sugar.

In this book, you will find a detailed explanation of the various stages and things you need to cover in your journey to better health, together with screen shots of my own test results that will show you how well what I am advocating worked for me.
A word of warning: This book is not for you, if you expect to find a magic formula between its pages that will let you effortlessly fix your problem. It will tell you many things that you need to know; it will give you important information and will teach you how to use it to pursue your own solution. But no miracles are included. Getting well comes with hard work.

You Owe it to Yourself
It only took me less than two weeks to realize that I was on the right path. Don’t you want to find out if you can do it too? Not everybody can succeed. It takes strength of character and resolve to do it, but if you believe in yourself, you can get better.

This is a very small investment in yourself – you will read this guide in one sitting and will see your progress in a matter of days. You will stop taking diabetes medications when you feel confident that you can do it, and will be amazed seeing your blood sugar stay low.

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October 20
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