The Secrets and Stilettos Box Set (Books 1-4) The Secrets and Stilettos Box Set (Books 1-4)

The Secrets and Stilettos Box Set (Books 1-4‪)‬

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Get ready to be enthralled by the high stakes and drama that lead to the birth of an illustrious ensemble cast in this exciting series.

Four self-made women; four separate books—Blonde Up!, Hot Mic!, Pop! Flash!, and Sexy Ink!

Each book is an account of one of four women's lives and the journey they each take along varied career paths, from hometown to Hollywood, that ultimately lead to the same end—a coveted position in the illustrious ensemble cast of a premiere, cutting-edge daytime talk show.

But before the contract deals are sealed, and the dotted lines, signed—a myriad of highly guarded life secrets and shocking revelations convey the truths behind the four women's scintillating and scandalous personas.

Blonde Up!—CASEY SINGER is a self-proclaimed Brat who trusts no one. This B-list actress/model successfully uses her body and brains to obtain superstar-status. Highly skilled at shutting out the world and its marshaling of horrors, she is forced to make the ultimate choice—her career, or the toughest role of her life?

Hot Mic!—HANNAH COURTLAND-MURPHY is a mom with a Ph.D. and a Savior Complex. A healer of broken spirits, and a rescuer of souls, yet somehow along the way, this benevolent radio psychologist forgets about the most important one of all—her own.

Pop! Flash!—KATHRYN DELACORTE is a ball-busting Achiever, outshining even her wildest entrepreneurial aspirations as a fashion industry mogul, who finally learns that spiteful gain and secretes of silence, rob the soul of the greatest of glories—especially the kind that cannot be bought.

Sexy Ink!—LACOSTA REED is a Warrior of poverty and abhorrent childhood abuses, which ultimately drives her to completely reinvent herself. An aspiring romance writer with best-selling bravado who learns at a high cost, that past demons die hard. Now, after twenty long years, she is about to meet the one who never did.

Stardom by design.  A behind-the-scenes look at the competitive, glamorous, and the often exploitive world of media and entertainment. The Secrets and Stilettos series—four-page-turning stories about strong, well-heeled women who not only make bold choices but also actually survive them.

Indulge in the glitz, glamour, and gripping tales of The Secrets and Stilettos box set, brought to you by women's fiction author Jamie Collins.

If you crave stories of passion, ambition, and redemption, The Secrets and Stilettos Box Set promises to be an unforgettable journey through the lives of extraordinary women, leaving you inspired and longing for more!

August 2
Jamie Collins
Draft2Digital, LLC

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