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It is certainly clear to every believer the distinction between the early church and our contemporary church. Spiritually speaking, it seems we are serving a different God or Christ. For example, the early church evangelized extensively; but now, especially the western churches, are sleeping excessively. They healed the sick, but now the church folks are sick with all kinds of diseases without cure. They cast out evil Spirits, but now there are evil Spirit possessors in the church more than ever before. They were sufficient in every spectrum of life, but now the church members are deficient in every spectrum of life. They shared everything with each other, but now Christians are keeping everything for themselves, even tithes. They were selfless with the attitude of putting others first, but now the church folks are selfish with the attitude of me, I, and myself first. They were willing to die for Christ at any cost, but now Christians want Christ to die for them again for no cost. Finally, they turned their world upside down, but now the world is turning the church upside down. The church needs to wake up; otherwise, our next generation will suffer the defeat of apostasy as the children of Israel suffered after the death of Joshua.

This book is meant to assure you that you have all that it takes, by the grace God has given to you through Jesus Christ, to do exactly what the apostles did. “All things are possible.” Absolutely nothing is impossible to you if you put your faith in Christ Jesus into action as others did. This is your moment while everyone is sleeping or ignoring authentic, supernatural power since challenges produce champions.

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January 9
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