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Golden Shackles…
Seasons change and so have our girls. Skye Mackenna and Cassie Evans are much wiser than when they first came to Parkerville. They know much more about the town and every day seems to beckon them to new clues as to why they’ve been summoned.
They’ve fallen in love a couple of times and have a few regrets, but now, with the help of the golden bracelets they must wear; they are able to see, feel, and hear things as never before.
Not only have their young lives opened up to impossible possibilities, but they’ve been confronted by bullies, and been lied to by people who are supposed to love them.
Answers are still slow to come for our girls; however, the powers they’ve discovered within themselves; grow stronger every day. Sixteen years is not a long time to spend on the earth, but the boys, the new and different ways to see a holiday have both puzzled and delighted their minds.
A slumber party that reveals a little too much and two mysterious strangers who show up to add to the already out-of-control night.
So, go ahead, Parkerville, bring on the alarms, the boys, the Chases, ghosts and anything else you’ve got up your sleeve. Cassie and Skye can handle anything you have to throw at them.

Harriet Trevathan and Nancy C. Wilson were friends in their teen years in the 60's and decided to write a fictional story of those years and some of their memories. I'm not saying that they lived in a town like Parkerville, that's another story altogether, but the adventures and fun are a part of these books. Harriet writes for her character Cassie and for Cassie's friends and family. Nancy writes for Skye and Skye's friends and family. Nancy wrote the ghost story of Malcolm Beech in the slumber party chapter.

June 3
Nancy C. Wilson
Smashwords, Inc.

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