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Dear readers! God had created Adam and had installed him as the guardian of the Garden of Eden, and from his side bone, he had created the woman. Though Adam was not aware of the fruit of a tree that was pertinent to the destruction of humans, which was existed in the garden itself, God himself had informed Adam that the destruction of man would take place for sure through the eating of that fruit. But Adam and Eve, both were subjected to the preaching of the serpent, they had consumed that forbidden fruit and had received death and the punishment from the God.

Later, during the period of Noah, God had chosen Noah and his family and had made them build the ark for one hundred and twenty years. During that period, through Noah, God had revealed about the disastrous floods and the destruction of the world through that flood well in advance. But there was not any repentance in the humans. The result was the great disastrous floods. Later, during the period of Moses, as God had intended to get the Israelis from the slavery, he had chosen their leader. Through Moses he had intimated about the destruction that was going to take place in Egypt to the Pharaoh, the ruler, and his province. But the result was just the destruction. Even though, God had revealed them in advance about the destruction.

In this way, God had been warning people about the upcoming destruction through the prophets well in advance. The reason is his ambitioning that they would repent for their sins and would come into his protection. The citizens of Nineveh are those who had given up their mistakes and had repentance. These, through the preaching of Jonah, had realized their mistakes; they repented for their sins and had received the protection of God. In this way God himself had revealed about the deeds of destruction that he was about to perform through the preaching of the people that he had chosen, and if they do not repent for their sins, he had been destroying them.

Similarly, Lord Christ has foretold about the incidents that are going to happen at the end of world to his beloved disciple John. This would have been taken place two thousand years ago. Those who had learnt all the incidents that would take place by the period of Doomsday from the period of Jesus Christ and had acquired repentance had been protected since then. But those had not repented had not been sentenced yet. But the treatise of Revelation is full of mysteries, secrets, and arcana. The multitudes opine that this treatise is a tough nut to crack for the ordinary people.

God warns that the destruction is inevitable. It is the ambition of God that each and every one must know the secrets of his coming, because God is not the one who performs the deeds secretly. He would reveal it well in advance through his prophets, he would give them some time, and if they do not acquire repentance, he would destroy them. As a part of that, he had chosen us, he had bestowed us the divine wisdom and instigated us to write in a simple way that each and every one would easily understand the secrets of revelation that explains the reason and the ways the world is going to end, and through this book he is giving a warning to the citizen of the entire world. So I plead you as the messenger of the Father, Son, and Holy Sprit to repent and live a life that is worthy of God. Otherwise, the end of world is inevitable, inevitable, inevitable.

Let the Grace of the Lord be with his servants. Amen.

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January 31
Vasa Reddy

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