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Anyone who is learning a foreign language will not want to miss this free E-Guide.

It offers sound, practical advice on how you can acquire excellent pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, master grammar, and engage in conversation in another language.

Far from representing a “standard approach” to the subject, “The Secrets of Successful Language Learning” gives suggestions that are often very unconventional, yet always extremely effective.

No matter whether you are now a beginner, or have already reached an advanced level of study: if your goal is to truly master a foreign language, then this book is for you!

December 5
David Bolton
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Customer Reviews

Kaimana'oe ,

A few ideas and ads for things to buy

I love learning languages as I travel. I thought I would learn something new from this little free book.

In Chapter 1, an inspirational example is given of a man who puts several thousand pieces of paper up to his knee level and takes two off a day. He can touch them. He takes two off a day, and this allows him to reach the ground in a few months (or eventually, it says).

Sorry, I’m a science guy. At two sheets a day, he’ll only have gotten an inch lower in a few months, and it will take several years to get to the ground. I don’t think this is very good advice, as the old man may die before getting to his goal. What it means is that the author didn’t really think this through carefully.

Having this kind of sloppy thinking in chapter one didn’t lend confidence in the advice.

There are some good ideas in here, plus advertising. Overall, you’re probably better off spending the time practicing repeating your new language. Google Translate on your smart phone is a big help for short phrases and pronunciation, but don’t rely on its longer translations.

I’m surprised Apple approved an advertisement free book.

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