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From highly acclaimed and bestselling author Margaret Evans Porter, the second novel in The Islanders Series—a story of longing, love, and linen.After years of wandering, Kerron Cashin, Baron Garvain, returns to the Isle of Man with plans to revive the linen trade, which will restore his family’s fortunes and lift his fellow islanders out of poverty. But his arrival coincides with an unexpected and tragic loss.Ellin Fayle, the tavern keeper’s niece, secretly loves the young baron, who finds comfort in her arms. When their relationship is discovered by the Cashins’ great enemy, Kerr does the honorable thing and makes the low-born girl his bride. Ellin, unaware that his hand was forced, believes he married her for love. To her dismay, Kerr insists that she leave her island and accompany him to London. There, she confronts her husband’s notoriety—and he must guard her from scandal.But a hasty marriage isn’t necessarily a durable one. And perhaps only Manx magic can provide a solution when high society, family secrets, and old conspiracies pull the newlyweds apart.“5 stars! Unusual and effective...flair for detail...mysterious plot twists...lively, wonderful characters.” Affaire de Coeur“A delightful story of romance and passion set amidst the turbulent struggle to renew a fortune, and birth a new industry.” Reader to Reader“Kerron, a reformed rake, is warm-hearted, intelligent, and bursting with energyfor his plans. Ellin is innocent yet wise. The pairing of these two people creates a force that can't be denied.” RendezvousA wonderful Regency romance that brings to life the exotic world of the Isle of Man. The lead couple is a delightful duo while the support cast adds much local color. With novels like this tale, Kissing A Stranger, and The Proposal,Margaret Evans Porter has quickly become a reader's favorite.” Harriet Klausner

October 24
Margaret Evans Porter
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