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‘The Great Turning cleansed a great many things. It was not only the Earth culling as if making to clear some room for itself. The inner heart of humankind received an emptying. What replaced it was a need, a desire, for simplicity and reflection. 

A new winter had arrived upon the Earth to cut down and prune the trees of human pride and arrogance. The bacteria and viruses did the rest. The only sanctuary was thought to be through austerity and, for those who could, through humility. And so, the Seekers arose.

The only hope for humanity was to become vessels for the immanence of the True Spirit. This was to become the new reality. They wanted to immanentize the eschaton.’

The Seeker is a work of speculative fiction that blends the possible with the technological and the metaphysical. It is a mystique. First published in 2016, it foresaw the reset time that was to come.

The Seeker portrays two evolutionary streams arising from a broken world: that of the technological monastic Nous-City; and the scattered enclaves and walled settlements of remaining humanity. Two paths lie ahead, mutually independent, and yet with the potential for merger. That potential lies in the choices Jacob the Seeker will make. A new transcendental call descends upon the ruined planet, asking for the next phase to be undertaken for the Earth…

In the best tradition of Albert Camus and Aldous Huxley, The Seeker is both a highly-satisfying work of fiction and a parable for our times. The intellectual and spiritual strains that Dennis explores resonate deeply and will linger with you.

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Kingsley Dennis, PhD, is a sociologist, researcher, and writer. He is the author of 'Dawn of the Akashic Age' (2013 - co-written with Ervin Laszlo); 'Breaking the Spell'(2013); 'New Revolutions for a Small Planet' (2012); 'The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution & The Battle to Control How We Think' (2012); and 'New Consciousness for a New World' (2011). He is also the co-editor of 'The New Science & Spirituality Reader'(2012).He is also the co-author, with Prof. John Urry, of 'After the Car' (Polity, 2009), which examines post-peak oil societies and mobility. 

Kingsley worked in the Sociology Dept. at Lancaster University, UK, and is now a visiting fellow at the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe) at Lancaster Uni. 

Kingsley is the author of numerous articles on global technologies, new media communications, modern lifestyles, well-being, science & spirituality, and conscious evolution. As well as the academic life Kingsley has also lived and worked for many years overseas, including five years in Turkey. He currently lives in Andalusia in Spain and is working on new book material. He continues to research, write, travel, and live a balanced lifestyle.

He can be contacted at his personal website: www.kingsleydennis.com

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