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This story is not just another tale of an orphan who finds a magic sword, discovers a forgotten lineage, finds a few friends, and conquers an overwhelming evil. This is a story that crosses a continent, transcends time, plunges deep into the very soul of man, and explores all the vastness and intricacies of life. It is a story of good and evil, love and war, truth and absurdity, courage and faith, hope and despair, humor and adventure, and everything that moves the human soul. Whether viewed as Truth or Myth, it is a tale to make one think and a story full of adventure, intrigue, love, sorrow, hope, and humor: much like this dance we call life. It is a fairy story in that it involves unicorns, dragons, and other uncommon beasts and certain aspects of magic, but it is also a human story that explores the questions, doubts, fears, and triumphs common to the hearts of men.
The Brethren are an ancient brotherhood entrusted with preserving and disseminating knowledge, truth, and justice since time began; they have survived indifference, hostility, disaster, war, plague, and obscurity but ever they persevere in their age-old duties. Of late, they have fallen into obscurity due to over-caution and the forgetfulness of the people they serve. A strange encounter rouses them from their secrecy and sends one of their most talented agents into the heart of a sworn enemy only to unveil an even older and more dangerous foe.

There are five 'books' in the Serpent and the Unicorn Series which is available as a trilogy. This volume contains Books I and II.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 20
Susan Skylark
Smashwords, Inc.

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