The Seven Deadly Sins

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The seven deadly sins were codified and counted over 1500 years ago by a Monk named Evagrius. Evagrius and his monks went far away from civilization out to the desert to be in a perfect little religious bubble and established a monastery. These super-Christians separated themselves physically from the world—no television, no internet, no politics—just the Christians in their Christian bubble in the desert. It was there, in isolation, that they discovered the seven deadly sins. They put them into a list that we still have to this day.
They discovered that while alone in the desert, without a woman in sight, with no internet and no magazines, that lust was still with them in their hearts. They had no fine-dining restaurants and no Little Debbies; over their simple bowls of porridge, they discovered a dining companion called gluttony. They discovered there in isolation, away from the “bad world,” without any private property or promotions, that they still hoarded with greed.
They discovered in complete isolation that the line between good and evil ran right through the middle of their hearts. They learned that what is wrong and broken with the world is also what’s broken with them. They tried to have heaven on earth, a perfect utopia, but in the end they themselves ruined it. What was ruining their community and killing them softly was the seven deadly sins—the seven daily sins.
The culprits of calamity, anxiety, and sin in our daily lives are one or multiple of the seven deadly sins. They hide in the grass; they lurk and crouch and must be exposed. Imagine you want to go hunting. Small animals, like birds or rabbits, are difficult to target because they hide in the bushes. You need hunting dogs to scare them out. When they fly up, then you can target them. That’s the way it is with the seven deadly sins. They hide in the deadly thorn bushes of your heart, and you need a dog (a pastor) to run ahead and shake the thorn bushes of your heart so that the seven deadly sins will be exposed and you can have success in taking them down.

Religion & Spirituality
December 11
Lori Briggs
Draft2Digital, LLC

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