The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom

Journey Toward Wisdom

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Publisher Description

The Journey of The Seven Pillars is an odyssey of discovery through myriad passages and perspectives of your life. Signs and wonders await along the way. Perhaps a message will be revealed, gently urging you forward to recognize your unique gifts and to bring them into the community of life.

The Seven Pillars journey is an invitation to explore self, community, and world to better align ourselves with both the voices of wisdom around us and our own deepest knowing. It is offered in the trust that curiosity leads to discovery, which leads to understanding, which leads to benevolent acts. What the world needs now! 

Your exploration will be both personal and communal, for while we experience the journey as individuals, it naturally connects us to the wider world of relationships, shared community, and global concerns in which we are all embedded.

Health, Mind & Body
November 25
Seven Pillars House of Wisdom
Seven Pillars, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Rabbi Rami ,

An amazing and wise book

Media and message have gone together since the dawn of humanity's search for wisdom. Whether painted on cave walls or carved in stone tablets, whether ink put to parchment, or e–ink to tablets of a more ephemeral kind, our search for wisdom has always kept pace with our capacity to communicate. Seven Pillars is a glimpse into the timelessness of wisdom through cutting edge media. The book literally speaks its truths, inviting us to see as well as hear the wisdom of what is so. Seven Pillars is a global book or the global soul, transcending the many narratives we have invented to divide us, and revealing the heart of the human story all of us share.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro
author of Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent

Vaughan-Lee ,

The Seven Pillars: Journey Toward Wisdom

In The Seven Pillars: A Journey Toward Wisdom are woven together many of the threads that are essential to today’s spiritual journey, a journey that belongs to each of us individually and also as a whole. As we stand on the edge of the abyss of our present ecocide and collective forgetfulness of the sacred, these threads that belong to our spiritual heritage are vitally important. They belong to our past and to the timeless present that is within and all around us. Here are stories to sustain us, conversations to nourish our soul, and directions to follow. They can help to give birth to the child of the future, a child with stars in its eyes and a song in its heart.

WestonPew ,

A true adventure...

The style, content, and wisdom of this book create an experience that transports the reader into an altered state filled with insight and inspiration. Its more then a book, it’s a journey that changes you for the better.