The Seven Senses of Employee Engagement

How to Be the Best Boss Your Employees Ever Had

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Many people are promoted from a staff position to a management position but receive no management training. Yet the skill set needed to manage employees is very different from the skill set of an individual contributor.

In this book, author Del Gilbert describes the difference between positional authority and influential leadership. He also describes the critical difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Del provides seven, practical, no-cost ways to increase employee engagement in a manager's daily practice. The 7 Senses of Employee Engagement include a Sense of Purpose, a Sense of Appreciation, a Sense of Inclusion, a Sense of Control, a Sense of Mastery, a Sense of Growth, and a Sense of Belonging.

Del then turns the attention to Employee Accountability. Great managers are a combination of warmth and strength. Employee engagement is the warmth part. Employee Accountability is the growth part. Del takes you step-by-step through his DIRECT Model for delivering corrective feedback. This DIRECT Model is simple, straightforward, and effective. The end result is a focused, professional discussion that sets clear expectations for the underperforming employee. Del also shares seven best practices for delivering corrective feedback including a very powerful phrase to use if an employee is not improving.

Included is a chapter that gives you practical ways in which a manager can develop a strong relationship with their boss. The book closes out with a chapter on the privilege of leadership.

This book is packed with practical information to equip any manager with the tools and practices necessary to be a great boss.

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June 23
Del Gilbert
Del Gilbert

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