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Frank and Sean are two ordinary men who are mates. The two become involved in a series of events mainly because of an unquenchable curiosity and a penchant to expose themselves to life threatening situations. Sean, once a banker, now a commercial fisherman, owns an isolated shack in Stanley on the North West coast of Tasmania. The problems they encounter emanate from within and around the shack, but it is their meddling that leads to murder and suicide.
It is there they are confronted by a cuckolded businessman which results in a murder. It is there they meet Dominic Drogo, drugs importer and stand over man. It is there where they are in charge of a corpse after escaping an assassination attempt involving Sean’s fishing boat and as a consequence of their actions witness a conflagration of epic proportions. They flee, unable to confess their part in the debacle to the police, choosing a lifetime of coming to terms with their consciences instead.
Inspector McDermot who had initially been involved in the investigations of the earlier murders suspects Frank knows more and confronts him. Frank cannot outwit the canny cop and after being coerced back to the shack, he and Sean become part of the DI’s vigilante team. They unearth a plot to assassinate the Sri Lankan Minister for Education visiting the Ballarat University and target the spot where this is likely to happen, but on the day, McDermot acting as a lone gun, gets sprung by the man he despises, Chief Inspector Pool. Sean and his mate save the day unintentionally and inconspicuously despite the bumbling behaviour of the Chief Inspector.
Frank returning to the shack years later is in for a big shock.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 3
Melrose Books
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