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Don’t you forget about me…

She’s a Tarot-reading artifact hunter finally willing to own her supernatural abilities. He’s the all-powerful Magician of the Arcana Council who once loved her…but now doesn’t remember her, the result of a battle to defeat a terrifying enemy. 

Isolated and alone, Sara must race time to help the Magician uncover his ancient knowledge, but can she live with what she finds? Will his dark past destroy them both? 

Worse, a rival council, known only as the Shadow Court, has emerged to wage battle against the Arcana Council. And if Sara can’t help the Magician recall how to combat this insidious, mind-bending threat, the world will descend into devastating war.

Love could be your last, best weapon when you confront The Shadow Court.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 30
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

Setra Seafarer ,

Great Reset

I had thought the characters well developed and perhaps in jeopardy of becoming stale; I was wrong. Jenn was able to revitalize the characters and relationships quite handily while penning yet another page turning paranormal tale.

The Magician has forgot Sara but that makes the plot even more intriguing as it was by his own design. A complex and compelling story moving around the world meeting new nemesis’s and unlocking new abilities.

This book takes a strong turn at reestablishing the paranormal nature of the series exposing even more layers of complexity besides the Arcane Council, with new but actually old players, the Shadow Court. This group could tilt the balance sought by the Magician and further the chaos caused by more magic that was released in the world.

Not to mention Sara wants to find out why she is forgotten. Looking forward to the next release in the revitalized series; keep them coming!

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. This doesn't affect the content of my review.

nutmegrose ,

Action + Romance+Paranormal=Success

If you ever want a book series that leaves you hanging breathlessly for the next book in the series, then this is the book to read. A mix of a Lara Croft meets Dark Phoenix is how I envision the main character, Sara Wilde, and you'll love every other character just as well, but this one was hard because of certain intimate relations between two fav characters being severed and so the quest begins. Talk about a roller coaster ride! You have to read this book and series to have the full Jenn Stark experience, but it won't disappoint.

math wizard ,

Memories Old and New

Such an awesome book! It is the best romance action book I have ever read! I would give this book ten stars for the romance alone! The ending is this best ending you could have written, Jenn Stark!
This book is about Armaeus and Sara. At the end of “ The Hallowed Knight”, Armaeus is in serious trouble. The worst thing has happened he has lost some of his memories and Sara is one of them. Follow this action fraught story as together with members of the council they try to stop the Shadow Court from wreaking havoc on the connected and the world. You will find many twists to the story and the past will bite you in the butt has much meaning.
Of the many memories lost I think the most important is Sara. She is trying to help Armaeus recover his lost memories but how it happens will surprise you! Will love win out, yes it will but I think you will enjoy the ending of the book as much as I did!
How many stars do you give this story well I can’t count them!

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