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<p>Hendrik Rheinallt leads a dangerous caravan journey on the fabulous Blue Trail across the subspace “Meadow” to reach what the travelers hope will be a usable or salvageable starship. The subspatial pseudosurface is more empty than Lunar vacuum, and more deadly. The Ship itself is something that even the lightning-curious Rheinallt with his centuries of experience could not have predicted. The expeditionaries’ goals are diverse; some secretly or violently at odds. Rheinallt and his aircat friend Arahant face a complex of challenges aboard the gas-lit caravan, in their exploration of absolute emptiness, and at the enigmatic Ship. Rheinallt’s dream and goal, the elusive and the real, mingle and clash in this imaginatively challenging interstellar adventure.</p> 


<p>“A drop of blood with a flame behind it, the Ship glinted on the horizon of the Meadow.”</p> 


<p>The Shadow of the Ship is a standalone novel in the Overflight series.</p>

<p>Revised Edition: 98,000 words. Major additions & extensive revisions integrate the novel more closely within the Overflight series. Many smaller improvements.</p>

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 20
Franson Publications
Robert W. Franson

Customer Reviews

Rayloco13 ,

won’t open

not really hating the book, just the format. I’ve read the older edition and really wanted to read the 2014 edition. Bought from ibook store on my phone. I kept getting a message saying it couldn’t open it because it was in a format that ibooks couldn’t read. Tried reloading, tried installing on my laptop (it says it couldn’t open because the book was corrupt!
I contacted apple and they had some suggestions which also didn’t work. I’d love to be able to read it. Maybe kindle will work.

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