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Can a vampire dance and shoot at the same time?

Leopard shifter Sasha Weisberg arrives in Nocturne Falls hoping someone in the town of supernaturals might be able to undo the spell an angry ex-friend put on her. Otherwise, she’s doomed to live most of every day as a bird, with only three precious hours each day to enjoy her human form and her snow leopard not at all.

An archangel friend convinces Kianso Kane to travel to Nocturne Falls for a weekend of rest and relaxation. From the onset of the trip, his shaman calling challenged him to return to his Hawaiian roots and acknowledged his shaman birthright. His instincts led him right to Sasha and he knew straightaway she was his true love. But she was caught in a maelstrom of a witches curse. And until she was free, she couldn’t be completely his.

They have one chance on Samhain to undo the curse, or else her next chance won’t be for nineteen years. Can she trust Kianso and his visions?

Pick up The Shaman Charms the Shifter today to discover as this exciting series continues!

September 26
Sugar Skull Books
Kristen Brunori

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

Nice addition to NFU

Wow! I just loved this book. Kianso is now one of my favorite characters. We didn't see much of the archangel Seth but I sure would like another book with him. Poor Sasha is stuck in bird form due to a curse a witch spelled onto her. She can only change into human form like three hours a day with no control in the matter. Kianso is a shaman warrior who has given up that side of him but it hasn't given up on him. He can speak to spirit forms and animals and knows Sasha is his true mate. But can they find a cure to break the spell?

lindaloulandrs ,


Not for me, plot was boring.

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